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Andrew Retz

BYB President 

“The Eleven Park Project ensures Indy Eleven’s future success and sustainability. That ultimately is what’s most important from a supporter’s perspective. We know every spring through fall, we will be able to see Indy Eleven suit up at our new stadium for the foreseeable future.”

Indy Chamber

“The Indy Chamber is proud to support Indy Eleven’s continued efforts to make Indianapolis their choice destination for professional soccer. Indianapolis continues to lead in the global marketplace and garner widespread attention for our first-class sports and entertainment strategy. Hosting the world’s most popular sport further intensifies our ability to enrich Indy culture, enhance our quality of life, and ensure our appeal to global business and talent alike. We look forward to working with Indy Eleven and Keystone Group as they consider promising properties in our community and integrating this exciting proposal into the Indy Chamber’s citywide development and revitalization plans.” 

Dave Guthrie

Executive Director,

Indiana Soccer Association

“Indy Eleven Professional Soccer continues to favorably impact the interest and growth of soccer in Indiana.  Soccer participation continues to expand; families continue to support the team; youth players continue to be inspired by the professionals, and the Eleven continue to significantly invest valuable time and talent into the community.   
Indiana businesses compete internationally for talented leaders, executives, employers and workers and it becomes increasingly important that central Indiana continues to attract and augment aspects associated with our ‘quality of life’.  Soccer, which is passionately referred to as the “beautiful game”, is inarguably  the  international sport, and having Indy Eleven and a soccer-specific facility in central Indiana generously contributes to the region’s quality of life and its standing in the international community; thus, making central Indiana a more attractive place to relocate and establish roots.  
The soccer community’s anticipation and enthusiasm for a soccer-specific stadium has continued to escalate since the first stadium announcement in 2015.  Hoosier families are excited about having a soccer stadium in the heart of central Indiana where amateurs and professionals can assemble to showcase their accomplishments, and fans can celebrate their passion for the “beautiful game”, rather than be required to travel outside of Indiana for such an experience.”  

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